Are we a Christian nation?

Below is a letter I wrote to the editor of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City in response to another letter.


Are we a Christian nation?  Saying so doesn’t make it so.  The only standard we can measure it by is how closely we adhere to Christ’s teachings.  Do we turn the other cheek, or do we fabricate a war?  Do we let them have our cloak also, or do we exploit weaker nations for money?  Do we love our neighbors, or do we try to send them back across the border?  What our government does is in our name and with our consent.  Anything we condone on our soil is a direct reflection on the Christianity of each member of this ostensibly Christian nation.


One of the greatest followers of the teaching of Jesus in the 20th century was a small homespun-clad Hindu.  Gandhi loved the teachings of Jesus and extolled them regularly.  At the end of one of these occasions when asked why he wasn’t a Christian he replied, “If Christians acted more like Jesus, then I would be one.”


But instead, through our actions, we give both America and Christianity a bad name.  A nation of people who profess Christianity but don’t live it does not a Christian nation make; instead, it makes a nation of hypocrites. 

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